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NewsLeopard is designed for marketer, you can easily create, send and manage EDM by only 3-steps without any technician. Just upload subscribers, send out campaign and track.

NewsLeopard-email-marketing-service-Personalized Email

Personalized Email

Custom Variable

Custom Variable let you easy to create personalized email, embedding personal information such as customer name, bonus points and discount codes into email, you can get closer to your subscribers within one-to-one marketing.

> NewsLeopard-email-marketing-service-Easy To Use

Easy To Use

3-steps create amazing campaign

NewsLeopard let you easy to use without technician, you can send more than 10,000 emails within 5 minutes by only 3 steps.

> NewsLeopard-email-marketing-service-Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Delivery, Opens, Clicks

Our real-time campaign report allows you to track opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, abuses, link activity and more. With all these useful data, we can help you determine what send days and times were the most successful.

NewsLeopard-email-marketing-service-Subscriber Management

Subscriber Management

Import List & Signup Form

NewsLeopard allows you to import all your subscribers to your list at once. You can even customize and embed a signup form to your website and attract new subscribers.

NewsLeopard-email-marketing-service-99% Deliverability

99% Deliverability

List Quality & Reputation Optimization

Your list quality is an important key to the impact of email delivery rate and reputation. Our blacklist database will filter out duplicate emails before sending, and all invalid emails will be removed automatically after sent. This will ensures a high-quality list with 99% deliverability.

NewsLeopard-email-marketing-service-Free Customer Support

Free Customer Support

Troubleshooting & Email Marketing Consulting

NewsLeopard Senior Marketing Consultant and Customer Support Team will help you better understand our platform, and provide you the best optimization recommendations in email marketing.

Experience for free

10,000 Email newsletters send in 5 minutes

Cooperation Partner

One in every five people in Taiwan have received an EDM from NewsLeopard. We have successfully delivered EDM campaigns for over 10,000 domestic and foreign enterprises, well-known E-commerce companies, international associations and many more organizations. NewsLeopard is your best choice!

What our clients say


An expert for higher EDM open rate; A platform for millions of EDM delivery; A consultant for marketing profession. Extraordinary service brings to you optimized marketing results.

Our Story

NewsLeopard is a young group located in Taiwan. We try our best to build a platform that anyone with no technical background can easily use to send out EDM. We have successfully assisted 10,000+ general and e-commerce companies with EDM service. At current stage, we are working in partnership with advanced international players, such as Amazon, for more services that help you "Sending right content to the right people on the right time"!

NewsLeopard has been devoted in Taiwan for years yet we have the ambition stepping into the international market to become the trust worthy EDM service provider for the global companies. We choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make NewsLeopard system stable, fast and secure. We bring to you satisfied outcome from EDM marketing with up to 99% open rate no matter where you are in the world.

Our Goal

We aim to integrate all of the cutting edge technologies to help improve business competitivity in a simple, fast, effective way.

Louis Founder

Our Advantages

Time Consuming

Free Training Class

We actively promote right concept of EDM marketing with free member class, onsite training and lectures, and teach you skills and tips to avoid EDM intercepted by spam mail filter.

newsleopard-email-marketing courses, classes, training
newsleopard-email-marketing courses, classes, training
newsleopard-email-marketing courses, classes, training
newsleopard-email-marketing courses, classes, training
newsleopard-email-marketing courses, classes, training
newsleopard-email-marketing courses, classes, training
newsleopard-email-marketing courses, classes, training
newsleopard-email-marketing courses, classes, training

Study shows

Most companies acknowledge that EDM are their most effective marketing tools to quickly increase repurchase rate, and deliver better ROI

Adestra, Email Marketing Industry Census

Flexible Plans. Pay as you go.

You can adapt your business depending on need. Pay less by sending more. Just add value to your member account.

  • Free Trial

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    • Lower delivery rate of major inbox.
    • Up to 200 emails a day
    • Limited features
    • Unlimited storage size
    • Unlimited subscribers
    • 30 days free trial
  • Premium

    $ 0.2 NTD / email
    • Best delivery rate of major inbox
    • Unlimited emails
    • All features, Optimization, Technical support
    • Unlimited storage size
    • Unlimited subscribers
    • Per-Email billing
  • Cost Trial

    Send Emails per month
    Total Amount
      Send Emails Unit Price Subtotal
      0~5,000 $0.200
      5,001~50,000 $0.180
      50,001~150,000 $0.126
      150,001 or more $0.054

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NewsLeopard has been devoted in Taiwan for years, and won the recognition of the major media. We are committed to becoming a leading brand in Taiwan's Email Marketing.

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